I notice that OpenGuides include a search based on a geographical Location, like
I would like to add a link to the Open guide network on my coordinate converter page here:
Is there a central script that I could link to via OS easting/northing or Lat/Long, and it would forward to the relevant guide?
Or is there a way to get a list of currently running OpenGuides, and their (approx) area of coverage?
For the moment I guess I could get this list by visiting each openguide and downloading the rdf (which I think is offered but cant actually find it!) to get the osgb coords of each to work out the coverage. But as (hopefully!) the OpenGuides network increases this is very wasteful!
I ask this because there probably isnt any point linking to the London OpenGuide for a location entered in Scotland for example! SO would like just link to the relevant openguide
Thanks for your help,
Barry Hunter