2009/7/22 Simon Rumble <simon@rumble.net>
2009/7/22 David Cantrell <david@cantrell.org.uk>


Incidentally, if you just type a distance into the box and hit enter it
doesn't work, you need to click the Go link.  That's because I didn't
know how to create a form button that didn't just submit the form - it
needs to do some Javascript magic first.

The fixed-width renders badly, and clicking [Go] gives me a 404 on /david/private/search.cgi

Got myself a little more informed now and read the source.  Looks like this means navigator.geolocation doesn't work in Android's browser, and you have to do some Google Gears-specific nastiness to get the geolocation.


Looks at the sample app, it doesn't look difficult and would be pretty easy to handle both methods:

And it looks like someone has already done the legwork to make it work both ways:

Simon Rumble <simon@rumble.net>